James Whittaker Presentation about Quality

There is an interesting presentation "Turning Quality on its Head" by "James Whittaker-Test Director at google", in which he did a comparison regarding where to spend money in order to improve the application quality, you can read the summary of his talk below:

Where to spend our budget ?
As per google, you do manual testing only when screwed up in the early development phases, and it is quite important to involve testers in the begining by helping the developers to write better lines of code in the early phases of projects. Quality is important to the world so the important question is to where we need to spend our budget, whether towards Testers side or Developers(developer oriented testing).

Argument to spend towards Developers side
1-You can not build the product and paint quality on it, so if you want to build the right product, you got to take the right start from the begining.
2-Cost of a fixing bug is 0$ while writting code, and it gets higher as we move along the phases like System testing, integration testing, crowdsource testing till dogfood process.

Argument to spend towards Testers side
1-If we want to involve testing right from the begining, we need to have dev like testers, that can help dev people to write code, and every line of code is a best possible line of code.
2-The most important bugs rises when we got the whole product ready, these are the bugs that can be faced by the users.and developers can not find these kind of bugs and testers add their value at this important stage when entire application gets ready.

Enjoy the presentation (Part-one) below:


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