Devise your Learning System

Few months back, in one of our team meeting, we tried to devise a learning system for an Organization/Individual, our program manager really gave his valuable thoughts and shared his wisdom, we summarized the proposed learning system at the end of the meeting as follows:
1. Decide what to learn?
i. What is easy for me to learn and easy for me to do?
It depends upon on the natural talent of any individual and one should choose his learning domain according to his natural ability and aptitude.
ii. What is hard for others to do?
We can select a field that can act as a competitive advantage for us.
iii. What is in demand and people are willing to pay for it?
We have to find the target market for the selected domain after market research.
2. Find, search, and collect the resources to learn.
i. Make directory structure for all your industry and organizational knowledge.
3. Formulate the learning material that suits your learning style.
4. Explore the material using your 7 multiple intelligences and 5 human senses.
5. Memorize the most important elements of the subject to master.
6. Use your knowledge in day to day activities at work; Test yourself by getting globally recognized certifications, and teaching.
7. Review your learning process to see how you will do it better next time.


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