Who is good tester?

We can have various points eloborating the traits of good testers, rather we can have a good debate on this topic, but Cem kaner have described beautfully,i liked his statement a lot , according to him

"The best tester isn’t the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses the most Programmers. The best tester is the one who gets the most bugs fixed."

Enough for today's post :) , looking for our feedback


  1. I don`t agree with this, tester can maybe pin point de defects in de application but we`ll never solve them. I can agree with this if Kem talks about de developer that executes unit testing. That case I totally agree, they have to do that more often.

  2. Right on.. a tester must have traits to explain developers(yet other stakeholders) about bugs he found more elaborately.

  3. Thanks for your comments Andreas,
    Yes, it is true that developer is there to fix the bugs, but basically kaner said that with respect to bug report, according to cem kaner

    "Bug reports are your primary work product. This is what people outside of the testing group will most notice and most remember of your work."

    So if tester writes a bug report that is quite easy to understand for the dev team, that is tester has clearly mentioned steps to produce and other conditions, it will help dev team to fix it.

    you can read the article "Bug advocay" from www.kaner.com.

    I admit in my end, that i did not eloborated the context of kaner's statement. i hope you got my point.

    Always looking forward for your feedback :)

    And thanks fatima for your feedback

  4. Kashif,
    there's a typo mistake in Kaner's name;
    he may feel bad because I do when someone misspell my name.


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