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Few days back, there was a discussion on STC, what testers hate about testing, Rosie Shery concluded different comments, I liked following comments

  • Finding the same silly bugs year after year whatever program you are testing - leaving an input box blank, finding that 99999999999 overflows. etc
  • Calling testers as QA (Quality Assurance), QA is process but not a designation title.
  • Unreliable test environments where most of my time and effort is expended identifying
    environment issues rather than product issues.
  • Code that isn't architected in a testable manner, causing testers to have to write ntegration tests when simple unit tests could find the same bugs.
  • Testers who get comfortable with what they already know and stop pushing themselves to learn more.
  • Developers believing they know HOW to test, WHEN to test and WHAT to test. (Note: Not aimed at ALL devs. Just some of them.) (Note: If they do know testing - then why do we find so many bugs?)
  • Delivery date stays the same when development time spills over (way over).
  • No/Bad/Clueless responses from project managers.
  • Sometimes we view ourselves as second citizens.
  • The perception that a career in testing is somehow of less value.
  • Successful testing is about passing tests.
  • Testers testing on a developer's PC, and bad lab environment for testing.
  • Generate and share meaningless reports/metrics.
  • Waiting for the release to happen from development team.
  • Testing team not informed about the changes.
  • Testing time being crunched because developers ran over

You can read the detailed thread here


  1. I agree with all these :) its truly a testers voice

  2. You got 10/10 from me on this post ... all comments are woth noting however second one is the best.

  3. Thaks for your great comments :), i really appreciate

  4. Yes this is very true... I'm with you Kashif :-)


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