Kaizen(Continuous Improvement Process)

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. When applied to the workplace, Kaizen activities continually improve all functions of a business, from manufacturing to management and from the CEO to the assembly line workers.By improving standardized activities and processes, Kaizen aims to eliminate waste. Kaizen was first implemented in several Japanese businesses during the country's recovery after World War II and has since spread to businesses throughout the world
Kaizen is a daily activity, the purpose of which goes beyond simple productivity improvement. It is also a process that, when done correctly, humanizes the workplace, eliminates overly hard work ,and teaches people how to perform experiments on their work.

In software development, people talk a lot about incremental approach, specially in agile mode, where we plan sprints and release product with minimal features, and then we keep on improving the product/application in each sprint, this is where we implement “kaizen” in software development.

There are ways by which we can continue our improvement process, that I will write in my coming posts :)


  1. A Blogger To Be...August 13, 2009 at 3:59 AM

    This post is result of quite a research at Japanese philosophy.. isn't it? :)

    but no doubt im looking forward to your coming posts on this 'research'.

  2. well, for the time being i think its just a new name of incremental model as for as the softwares concerned plus as time passed with a software stack holders automatically have more knowledge about it and automatically improved ... and then y we need a process with a new name? .... and dont u think applying a new process is a burden on the company .... what type of companies can use it(smaller ones?.... )? how and who will manage it? thats all from me for the time being ..... may be ur next post will change my mind

  3. Thanx for your time and comment, i will answer your questions soon :)

  4. Well Rishy,
    Kaizen is not a software Process exactly, you don’t find this in any Software engineering, or software quality books or articles, it’s a technique or methodology of root cause analysis, it is applicable in all modes of life, in our daily life we are keen to improve by analyzing our mistakes, but if we really want to improve, we should keep on asking questions on ourselves, that is what kaizen is all about, continuous improvement process.

    Having said that, so its not a burden on any company , we don’t need piles of documents for this, its just direction that we need to choose.

    As I mentioned, its just a methodoogy or technique so everybody can implement it see next post :)


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