Writting Blog is fun

When I started my blog few months back, I was quite excited and had lots of plans, people around me appreciated my effort but most of the people said that its difficult to mange, writing posts on every day, seems quite committed task to do, In the start, I posted almost 3 to 4 posts per week, then 2 to 3 per week, and at last month I could manage only one post for whole month, :)
But I will must say that writing blog is always great experience, you learn a lot while writing, for good writing you have to be good reader, so guys I am back now, trying to be more regular in my posts.

Keep Testing.


  1. Hi Kashif,

    Don't give up the blogging :)

    It is difficult trying to come up with new material but I wouldn't force it. The more you try to force material the more difficult it will be to make it sound real and genuine.

    Try to aim for one post a week. Even if it is a list of your favourite blogs for that week or a cool thing that happened at work.

    I hope you start finding your groove again.

    I've enjoyed your blog posting so far.


  2. Thanks Rob,

    I really appreciate your encouragement.


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