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Almost three months back, I got interview call from the one of reputable software house in the town, XYZ Ltd. This organization is quite known for its high salary package and odd timingsJ. The thing which I want to share with you guys is interview process and the way XYZ conducted interview for QA/Tester candidate. I had to go from 5 interview sessions.
  1. Written GRE based test
  2. Technical interview (For Software Test Engineer)
  3. HR Analytical interview
  4. 2nd Technical Interview
  5. Final HR interview

Fortunately I cleared all theses interview sessions and got the offer eventually, which I did not accept due to some reasons, but in technical interview, manager asked me to solve two Programming problems, and asked questions regarding DB, OOP, Web architecture and programming concepts. Solving Programming problems was quite challenging for me, and I was not expecting such questions especially for QA/Tester position, but that was great learning experience and I enjoyed a lot.

What is your opinion, what is your point of view about programming questions asked in an interview for a post of QA/tester?


  1. Well kashif! good to know that u have cleared the interview :)
    But I think if some one is going to give an interview for a white box test engineer then its fine to ask such question but if the post is for a black box test engineer, then all the questions should entirely related to testing, QA, STLC, Bug life cycle etc.

  2. yes, you are right, i believe whether is is Whitebox or black box, one should have technical knowledge in above mentioned domains

    Thanks for your comments


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