Relationship between Agile and Lightweight process

Few days back, I came across quite good article by "Glen B. Alleman- Agile Methodologies", I found quite reasonable brief explanation of lightweight and measuring "agility" of the project.

Lightweight and Agile are not interchangeable words how-ever. This distinction is not well understood by many agile proponents,you can find the distinction below:

Lightweight describes the weightiness of the process and its artifacts. The amount of potentially non–value added artifacts produced by a specific process. 

This weightiness can be attributed to the undesirable consequences of the process – artifacts that don’t provide benefit to the out-come. This weightiness can also be attributed to the application of a specific process. 
"Agility" describes the behavior of the participants and their ability to move or adjust in new and possibly unforeseen situations.

Much like an overweight boat, airplane or athlete, the undesirable weight needs to be removed in order to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. This is a standard best practice in many engineering disciplines. 



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