Factors to consider during regession testing

I read an interesting material on regression testing here.

Few important point regarding regression testing on which we should focus is as follows:

  • Test fixed bugs promptly. The programmer might have handled the symptoms but not have gotten to the underlying cause.
  • Watch for side effects of fixes. The bug itself might be fixed but the fix might create other bugs.
  • Write a regression test for each bug fixed.
  • If two or more tests are similar, determine which is less effective and get rid of it.
  • Identify tests that the program consistently passes and archive them.
  • Focus on functional issues, not those related to design.
  • Make changes (small and large) to data and find any resulting corruption.
  • Trace the effects of the changes on program memory.


  1. I like some of the points here but do you not feel project context is the one which decides what to do and what is more valuable?

  2. Yes, you are right Sharath, project context matters a lot, I just mentioned the general consideration regarding regession testing.

    Thanks for your feedback : )

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