Importance of Build Notes

Few days back, I read an excellent article by “Dr. Vladimir Belorusets” about how to improve test coverage and avoiding missing test scenarios,
He mentioned quite useful points in this article in order to improve communication between Development and QA by establishing the process of accompanying each build with the Build Notes that briefly describe the changes introduced.
The following sections in the Build Notes can be added:
1. Changes in functionality
2. Changes in GUI
3. Code refactoring
4. Tests recommended by developers
5. Defects fixed
Here code refactoring means changing source code without modifying its functional behavior in order to improve code design and maintainability. As a result, regression testing is required since the developer can accidentally break the functionality that worked before.
In the same way, any ‘Changes in GUI’ may impact the existing GUI test automation scripts that are heavily dependent on GUI objects and their properties.


  1. Thanks for the article, excellent stuff.
    You can get info on BVT as well with some guidelines with different way of thinking.


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