Test case Review Checklist

High level checklist of test cases review is as follows:

1. All the requirements mentioned in FRS are covered.
2. All negative scenario tests are covered.
3. Boundary Value Conditions are covered. i.e Tests covering lower/upper bounds are covered.
4. Data Validity tests are covered
5. All the GUI related test cases (if mentioned in FRS) are covered
6. To check is there any invalid Test case
7. To check is there any redundancy in Test cases
8. To check the Test case Priority
9. To check Narration of Test case
10. To check no major scenarios is missing in test cases
11. Test step is written complete and understandable
12. Clear Expected result is mentioned for each step
13. Checking for all text/ grammatical errors
14. Length of test steps is appropriate or not
15. Information related to setup of test environment, pre-requisties, what are the success/ Failed end condition

Check list can be vary upon the types of test cases that is functional , regression, perfomance etc.


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    These are really nice points

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