What is pair testing?

Pair Testing is a successful approach to exploratory testing. Inspired by pair programming, this practice groups two testers together for an exploratory testing session. One tester sits at the keyboard and exercises the feature or application while the other tester stands behind or sits next to the first tester and helps to guide the testing.
Both testers are performing exploratory testing, but while one concentrates on driving the functionality, one is thinking about the application from a high level. The testers switch roles at regular intervals.
In an experiment in Micorsoft, it is observed that in a single 8-hour session, 15 pairs of testers found 166 bugs, including 40 classified as severity 1 (bugs that must be fixed as soon as possible). In feedback collected from a survey sent to the 30 participants, only 3 thought that pair testing was less fun than an individual approach is, and 4 four thought it was less effective.


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