Important factors involved in test automation

Tests automations depends on several factors, some of the important factors which Play an important rule while deciding whether given test should be automated or not are as follows:
  1. How often we execute the test?
  2. Do you really need to automate this test case? Is it cost effective?
  3. What is the mechanism you have to execute manual and automated testing in parallel, how you would compare the results?
  4. Is it quite complicated and time-consuming to execute it manually?
  5. How accurate results do you want after executing this test?
  6. Do you have skilled resources available for its automation?
  7. Are you automating it for regression testing? As automation plays key role in regression testing?
  8. Scripts written for automation are scalable to cope with the added functionality in future?

It is quite obvious that there are other factors involved in test automation as well, I just mentioned few of them.


  1. Hiya Kashif,

    Good list. As a consultant who usually drops the automation framework into the customer's team after implementation point 6 is key and often forgotten.

    Additional considerations for automation that I try to bear in mind include:
    * What's the risk of not being able to test this again, quickly, when needed? (Ties into: 4, 7)
    * Can I use this automation to drive my future testing to the point of the new functionality where I'll then continue manually? (Ties into: 8)



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