How to create good powerpoint Presentation

I read an interesting e-book by Seth godin about good presentations; here I am summarizing few remarkable points about how to prepare for attractive PowerPoint presentations.

First, make yourself cue cards. You should be able to see your cue cards on your laptop’s screen while your audience sees your slides on the wall. Now, you can use the cue cards you made to make sure you’re saying what you came to say.
Second, make slides that reinforce your words, not repeat them. Create slides that demonstrate, with emotional proof, that what you’re saying is true not just accurate.
Third, create a written document. A leave-behind. Put in as many footnotes or details as you like. Then, when you start your presentation, tell the audience that you’re going to give them all the details of your presentation after it’s over, and they don’t have to write down everything you say.

Here are the five rules you need to remember to create amazing PowerPoint Presentations:

  1. No more than six words on a slide. EVER.
  2. No cheesy images. Use professional images from instead
  3. No dissolves, spins or other transitions. None
  4. Sound effects can be used a few times per presentation, but never (ever) use the sound effects that are built in to the program. Instead, rip sounds and music from CDs and leverage the Proustian effect this can have.
  5. Don’t hand out print-outs of your slides. They’re emotional, and they won’t work without you there.


  1. I agree with you points, the presentor mode in powerpoint works excellent for this.
    If you need some ideas I found a couple of weeks ago this site with many examples see if you can use it.

  2. Thanks Andreas, i really appreciate your feedback :)

  3. kashif your way of describing is excellent. We need some practice and material for learn this. Anyway this is very basic point to learn about making of presentation but we always ignore it.


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