Rubber Duck Principle

Code inspections and code walkthrough are two important techniques of human testing, along with formal testing methodologies, these techniques help in finding errors early in the development cycle and reduce the bug count. Theses inspections and walkthroughs help the developers to improve their quality code and reducing bug count. But there is some thing you can do as well.

The simple act of reading aloud your program/Solution/Scenario to yourself is a good technique of finding errors. This technique is also called “Rubber Duck Principle”.

It is applicable to all, whenever you are trying to solve any problem, or as a tester creating scenarios, take any thing on your desk and consider it as “Rubber Duck” :). And explain the whole problem or whole solution to him; you will feel while narrating, you will find other missing parts in your solution or problem.

It will not only help you to identify your problem but also act as a good Peer review as well.

So put something on your desk as “Rubber Duck” as your team member :)


  1. good approach Kashif..
    well I find most of my developer team members Rubber Ducks(i.e. Frozen n Quiet) whenever I explain any test ideas to them :)

  2. Thanks for your comments ,
    well, this duck is for explaining our own ideas/Problems/ to the duck,before convincing to other members.keep this duck to your desk, explain your testing idea to this duck, and then go the developers, i hope you will find bit easy to deal their frozen ducks :)

  3. Nice. It really is helpful in situations when you're stuck. BTW, can you give an example of a scenario when this really was helpful? Keep posting.


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